As a manufacturer SMAG Mobile Antenna Masts GmbH is the competent partner in all questions relating to our antenna masts. In addition to this, the comprehensive experience and qualification of our staff and close cooperation with corresponding specialty firms enable us to carry out further jobs beyond the antenna mast section.


  • Inspection and testing of all assemblies subject to this regulation, of lifting  appliances and load-handling devices (DGUV 54).
  • Inspection and testing of general load safeguarding systems
  • Inspection and testing of load-handling devices, CSC containers
  • Inspection and testing of ladders and steps (BGV D 36)
  • Preparation of one single test book for each machine or installation Preparation of risk assessment reports according to „ArbSchg“ (German industrial safety act), „BetrSichV“ (German Health and Safety at Work Regulations)
  • Training as „technical expert“ 
  • Aluminium and steel welding  (German major qualification certificate „Großer Eignungsnachweis“ is available)


Alicia Radde

Service Manager

Tel.: +49 5341 302-611
Mail: alicia.radde[at]

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