Mast height 7 - 25 m
Assembly time 20 min
Mast point payload 200 kg
Wind speed (Survival) 130 km/h

Fth Serie

The Fth series consists of hydraulically operated antenna masts that can be mounted onto vehicles or trailers. The mast unit can be dismounted from the vehicle for longer shutdown periods. This telescopic lattice mast design has been designed for heights of up to 40m.

This mast type was originally designed for Deutsche Telekom's live broadcasting services, but is now also used for telecommunications.

Especially our Fth 34/5 antenna mast provides top mobility, even in rough terrain.

Fth 34/8 AMA

Mast height12 - 34 m
Assembly time16 min
Mast point payload900 kg
Wind Speed (Survival)130 km/h

Fth 34/5 Lirka

Mast Height10 - 34 m
Assembly time17 min
Mast point payload900 kg
Wind speed (Survival)175 km/h

Fth 40/9

Mast height 10 - 40 m
Assembly time <10 min
Mast point payload 600 kg
Wind Speed (Survival) 120 km/h

Fth 40/4 Telekom

Mast height18 - 40 m
Assembly time20 min
Mast point payload500 kg
Wind speed (Survival)150 km/h


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