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SMAG is worldwide the only manufacturer for mobile antenna masts up to a height of 40m that do not require guy wires. The masts have been manufactured in Salzgitter-Bad since as early as 1974, and are used across the world by disaster task forces, in military activities as well as radio and TV broadcasting. The main feature of our electromechanical (Ftm series) and hydraulic (Fth series) a do not require guy wires to ensure your mast's stability. Antenna masts is the technology that eliminates the need for guy wires. Even heavy top loads.

The Salzgitter mast system has set standards in rapid installation and dismantling times, while excelling in extreme accuracy, maximum reliability and high mobility - even in rough terrain. SMAG's high quality standards ensure stable and reliable communications to and from the remotest areas on the map and under the most adverse environmental conditions.

Mounted on trailers, containers or vehicles, antenna masts fulfill all military standards and support a successful mission!


20.12.2023 // Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We wish happy and relaxing holidays to everyone! *We are closed from 27.12.2023 until 01.01.2024*

01.12.2023 // Acquisition by AEQUITA SE & Co. KGaA (Munich)

New opportunities with new owner

03.11.2023 // Dunja Kreiser (Member of the Bundestag) visits SMAG

The member of the Bundestag for our region Wolfenbüttel, Salzgitter and Northern Harz, Mrs. Dunja Kreiser (MdB) visited SMAG on 03.11.2023 and was shown our location in Salzgitter as well as our fast, strong and reliable Mobile Antenna Masts.


05.12.2022 // Delegation from Poland visits SMAG

Polish delegation from WZL visits SMAG in Salzgitter on 05.-06.12.2022 and views the mast production.

01.06.2022 // IT Report

28.01.2022 // SMAG Contract signing in Czech Republic ERA 3.Generation

20.12.2021 // SMAG Contract signing in Poland

22.10.2021 // GOOD NEWS from Salzgitter - The new Fth 40/9 Mobile Antenna Mast is available

10.03.2021 // Deployable antenna containers for the German Armed Forces - ZNV (Cellular Networks Deployable)

23.04.2021 // SMAG for more than 30 years in the Gulf region

25.11.2020 // SMAG supports ERA project for the Czech Armed Forces

27.10.2020 // New ground-based Tactical Air Defence System (TLVS)

28.04.2020 // Covid-19 Situation @ SMAG

31.05.2017 // Series Production after New Development

15.02.2017 // New Development

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